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Art 2 Final Exam General Review

Warmwarm colors advance, red, yellow
Coolcool colors recede, blue, green
Complementsopposites on the color wheel, ex. Red and green
Analogouscolors that are closely related in hew
Triadsthree colors that are equal distance apart on the color wheel
Split complementsone color and the two colors that are next to the complement of the first color
MonochromaticONE color plus the many tints and shades of that color
Neutralsbrown, black, white, grey, tan, beige
Color temperaturethe warmness or coolness of a color
Value/tonelightness or darkness of a color made by adding black or white to a color
Formatshape of a 2-dimensional work of art
design elementsline, light, color, form, texture space
Principles of designharmony, variety, proportion, balance, emphasis, movement and unity, the rules an artist uses when dealing with the elements of art/design
Harmonyrepeating similar kinds and amounts of elements
Varietyusing different kinds and amounts of elements
Proportioncomparing the sizes or amounts of elements, one to each other
Balanceformal (symmetrical) or informal (asymmetrical
EmphasisContrast of elements or amount/size, focal point, center of interest
Movementthe composition, how the viewer’s eye is lead around the work
Rhythma kind of movement, created by repeating similar elements
Unityhow all the elements work together to create a unified whole
Value transitiona gradual change from dark to light
Value contrastdark against light
Local coloruse of the actual color of the object
Color intensitythe brightness or dullness of a color
Atmospheric perspectiveobjects in the distance become lighter in value and cooler in color

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