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The Parts of the Microscope

Eyepiece/OcularThe object you look into the microscope with t see the image of the thing you are looking for
Body TubeLight passes from the objective lens to the eyepiece through this part of the microscope
NosepieceThe objective lenses are mounted in this part of the microscope
Objective LensesThere may be two or three of these mounted on the nosepiece. Each one magnifies a different power.
ArmThis part supportsthe entire upper portion of the microscope
Coarse Adjustment KnobYou begin your focusing with this part of the microscope
Fine Adjustment KnobOnce the object that you would like to view comes into focus, you use this to fine tune the image
StageThe flat place under the objective lenses where you place the slide for viewing
ApertureThe opening in the stage that allows light through
DiaphragmThis disk under the stage controls the amount of light that passes through the aperture
Mirror or LampThis provides light so that it is easier to see the object that you are viewing
BaseThis is the support for the microscope that holds it up
LegsThe mirror or lamp is located between these two things

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