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Know the science of plants.

botanyis the study of plants
rootshold the plant firmly in the ground
compound leaveis a leaf with a number of leaflets
cholorophyllenables leaves to make food for the plant
photosynthesisis the process of plants' making food from carbon dioxide, water and sunlight
branchesspread the leaves of a plant so that they can get sunlight
stemsof a plant carry water from the roots to the leaves
stamensare the male parts of flowers
branchesof a plant carry water from the roots to the leaves
pistilis the female part of a flower
crownrefers to the leaves and branches of a tree
barkis the covering on the trunk of a tree
vegetative propagationis the process of growing new plants from part of the parent plant
invertebratesare animals without backbone
stomataare tiny openings in a leaf
latexis the white liquid that comes from rubber trees
shootis the first thing that grows out from a seed


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