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Eclipses and Tides

eclipsemoon's shadow hit Earth or Earth's shadow hits the moon
solar eclipsemoon passes between Earth and Sun; blocking Sun
lunar eclipsethe Earth is directly between the moon and Sun
a lunar eclipse can only occur duringFull moon
the darkest part of the moon's shadowumbra
the less dark and smaller part of shadow during eclipsepenumbra
penumbrapartial eclipse occurs here
umbratotal eclipse occurs here
tiderise and fall of ocean water
gravitya force that pulls hte moon and Earth together
Mooncontrols the ocean tides
2 of each occur each dayhigh and low tide
high tide to another high tide12.5 hours
high tide to low tideapprox. 6 hours
spring tidegreatest difference between high tide and low tide
neap tideleast difference between high tide and low tide
Sun, Earth & moon in a line cause a _______________ tidespring
Sun and moon are at right angle to Earth during a _____________________tideneap

Sixth grade Science teacher
Ross N. Robinson

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