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Ecosystems Vocabulary

Vocabulary for Ecosystems Unit

communitythe different populations of living things that live together in an environment
habitata place where a population of plants or animals live and interact with the environment
nichethe role an animal has in the community
food chainthe path by which energy is passed form one living thing to another
food webthe combined food chains in a habitat or ecosystem
predatoran animal that captures and kills its food
preyan animal that is caught by its predator
producerliving things, such as plants, that make their own food
consumerliving things that get their energy from other living things
decomposerliving things that get their eneragy from breaking down the bodies of dead things
herbivorea consumer that eats a producer
carnivorea consumer that eats other consumers
omnivoreanimals that eat both producers and consumers
adaptationa changing to fit different conditions
successiona series of changes in an ecosystem
interdependencethings that are dependent upon each other
ecologythe science that deals with the relation of living things to their envioronment

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