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A fun quiz about the planets

Mercurynamed after the messenger of the gods
Mercuryclosest planet to the sun
Mercuryeighth-largest planet
Venusnamed after the godess of love & beauty
Venushottest planet
Venusbrightest planet (when viewed from Earth)
Venussecond planet from the sun
Venusoften called Earth's sister planet
Earthmost dense planet
Earththird planet from the sun
Earthonly planet with abundant life
Earthonly planet not named after a mythological character
Marsnamed after the god of war
Marsdestination of the 1997 Pathfinder mission
Marshome of the solar system's tallest mountain (Olympus Mons)
Marsafter Earth, the planet most likely to support life
Marsfourth planet from the sun
Marsoften called the red planet
Marsis orbited by moons Phobos and Deimos
Jupiterlargest planet
Jupiterfifth planet from the sun
Jupiternamed after the king of the gods
Jupiterits most striking feature is the Great Red Spot
Jupitertwo of its moons are Io and Europa
Saturnsixth planet from the sun
Saturnsecond-largest planet
Saturnnamed after the Roman god of agriculture
Saturnleast dense planet
Saturndestination of the Cassini mission (arrives in 2004)
Saturnhas moons Titan and Iapetus
Saturnhas more moons than any other planet
Uranusseventh planet from the sun
Uranuslargest moon is Titania
UranusDiscovered by William Herschel in 1781
Neptunelargest moon is Triton
Neptuneeighth planet from the sun (usually)
Neptunenamed after the god of the sea
Plutofarthest planet from the sun
Plutosmallest planet
Plutoits single moon is named Charon
Plutonamed after the god of the underworld
Plutothe most recently discovered planet (1930)

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