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Odyssey Vocab 2

cowerto shrink away or hide oneself in fear
dissembleto hide behind a disguise
cuttera small boat that moves quickly
tempredhaving the proper degree of hardness or elasticity
bemuseto stupefy
impudencebold shameless behavior
mortifyto humiliate, to decay cuz of injury or disease
rebuketo scold sharply
equityfairness; justice
sufficeto spread through or fill
maudlintearfully sentimental
carriagethe manner of baring the body ; posture
supplianta beggar
rusea trick
shrouda burial cloth
biera structure upon which a corpse or coffin is placed
contendto struggle against in combat or competition
contemtibledeserving of scorn ; worthless
embossto decorate with raised designs or patterns
runneda litte stream
tithea tax contribution 1/10 or any small amount
implacableincapable of being calmed ; un forgiving
honeto sharpen on a hrad stone
throesa condition of painful struggle
hewto make or shape by cutting with an ax
abyssany bottemless depth or empty space

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