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Arms and the Man

Study these vocabulary words from the play and have fun at the same time!!!

imperiouscommanding, arrogant, domineering
betrothedto promise to marry
reproveto rebuke, express disapproval of,admonish
formidablecausing fear or dread, awesome
unkemptmessy, sloppy
imminentsoon to happen
indignantexpressing anger at unjust treatment
affablegracious, pleasant
vexto anger, annoy
dubiousuncertain, feeling doubt
pluckybrave, spirited
pugnaciouseager to fight, combative
stealthysneaky, furtive
earnestsincere, serious
forlornmiserable, abandoned, without hope
implacablecannot be appeased
disdainto regard or treat as unworthy or beneath one's dignity, scorn
solicitousshowing care, concern, attention
dexterousskillful, either mentally or physically
mortificationfeeling of embarrassment, shame, chagrin

Mrs. Schneider

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