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Match the words to their appropriate description.

MelaninSubstance which gives your skin color
PoresSmall openings in the skin
AcneCondition in which pores become clogged with oil
SPFSun Protection Factor (#15)
DandruffDry skin condition of the scalp
Head LiceCondition in which tiny bugs appear on the head
CuticlesBand of skin around the nails
Ingrown ToenailCondition in which the nail grows into the skin of the toe
PlaqueSticky film that forms on teeth
TartarHardened Plaque
GingivitisGum Disease
FarsightedAble to see things that are Far away
NearsightedAble to see things that are Near
CallusHard, thickened part of the skin
BlisterFluid-filled pouch on the skin
PostureThe way you carry yourself
EpidermisTop layer of skin
OrthodontistApplies braces to teeth
CanineType of tooth with one point
PalateRoof of the mouth

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