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SAT Words - Chapter 4-5 Bromberg Book

Hot Words for SAT Chapter 4-5 Bromberg Book

autonomy (noun)independence, self-government
aversion (noun)Strong dislike, antipathy
belittle (verb)to make something seem less important
bequeath (verb)to leave money or property by a will, to pass along
bizarre (adj)odd in appreance, grotesque
blithe (adj)happy and cheerful, gay
bombastic (adj)high sounding, marked by use of language without much real meaning
buffoon (noun)clown, someone who amuses with tricks and jokes
cache (noun)hiding place, something hidden in a hiding place
cacophony (noun)discord; harsh sound
cajole (verb)to persuade by pleasant words or false promises
callous (adj)unfeeling; insensitive
capitulate (verb)to surrender, to cease resisting
capricious (adj)changeable, fickle
carping (adj)complaining
catalyst (noun)someone or something that brings about a change
catharsis (noun)an emotional purification or relief
caustic (adj)stinging, biting
celestial (adj0having to do with the heavens, divine
censure (verb)to blame, to critize adversely
censure (noun)a condemnation

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