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SAT Words - Chapter 9 - 10 Bromberg

SAT Words - Chapter 9-10 Bromberg

depreciate (verb)to express strong disapproval of
derogatory (adj)tending to lower in estimation; degrading
desecrate (noun)to treat with disrespect
despot (noun)monarch with unlimited power
deter (verb)to discourage, to keep someone from doing something
devious (adj)not straightforward; lying; roundabout
devoid (adj)entirely without, lacking
diatribe (noun)a denunciation; bitter verbal attack
didactic (adj)intended to instruct
diffuse (adj)spread out, wordy
diminution (noun)a lessening
discerneing (adj)keenly perceptive, shrewd
discern (verb)to perceive; to recognize as distinct or different; to see things clearly
disdain (noun)a feeling of contempt for anything that is regarded as unworthy, scorn
dismantle (verb)to pull down, to take apart
disparage (verb)to discredit; to belittle
disparity (noun)lack of equality; difference
disperse (verb)to send off in different directions
disposition (noun)nature; tendency
dissipated (adj)indulging excessively in sensual pleasures
dissipate (verb)to spend or use wastefully or extravagantly; to scatter in various directions
distraught (adj)in a state of mental conflict and confusion, distracted

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