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LFA p.46 Vocab

Vocabulary review for p.46 of the Latin For Americans Book III

adulescens, -entis m. and f.young person
metus, -us m.fear
oculus, -i m.eye
os, oris m.mouth, face, expression; lips
pudor, -oris m.shame, modesty, sense of honor
superbia, -ae f.pride, arrogance
quisquam, quicquamanyone, anything
ferox, -ocisfierce
arceo, -ere, -ui, -keep away, ward off, prevent
condo, -ere, -didi, -ditusfound, establish; bring to and end; bury
impetro, 1gain (a request), obtain
statuo, -ere, statui, statutusdecide, determine, set up, place
obviamin the way
profectofor a fact, certainly, doubtless

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