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tentaclea ropelike part that surrounds the mouth of a stinging-celled animal
invertebratean animal without a backbone
insectslargest group of arthropods
vertebratean animal with a backbone
classificationgrouping organisms by similar characteristics
arthropodthe largest animal group
mollusksthe second largest animal group
starfisha spiny-bodied animal
spongesimplest kind of animal
parasitean organism that feeds on and causes harm to another
scavengeran animal that eats dead animals
regenerationthe ability to regrow damaged cells or body parts
cellswhat every living organism is composed of
exoskeletonouter bodies of arthropods
earthwormssegmented worms
centipedeshide under logs or rocks during the day and feed at night
jellyfisha stinging-celled animal
octopusa mollusk without a shell
arthropodslargest group of animals
squidhas shell inside body
the classification of everythingliving or nonliving
millipedestwo pairs of legs per body segment
lubber grasshopperfound in SW United States
molluskssecond largest group of animals
vertebratehas a backbone

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