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Latin Phrases and Expressions

Common Latin expressions used in English

a fortiorifrom a stronger reason
a posteriorifrom something which comes after
a priorifrom something which comes before
ab initiofrom the beginning
ad absurdumto absurdity
ad hocfor a special purpose
ad hominemtoward man
ad nauseumto the point of nausea
ad valoremaccording to the value
ante bellumbefore the war
deus ex machinaa god from the machine
ecce homobehold the man!
ex librisfrom the books
ex post factofrom a thing done afterwards
ex temporefrom the time
hic iacethere lies
in absentiain absence
homo sapienswise human being
in media resin the middle of things
in totoin whole
ipso factoby the fact itself
lapsus linguaea slip of the tongue
magnum opusthe great work
modus operandimanner of working
modus vivendimanner of living
mutatis mutabilisthe things having been changed which must be changed
ne plus ultranot more beyond
noli me tangeredon't touch me
non compose mentisnot of sound mind
non sequiturit does not follow
obiter dictuma thing said incidentally
per annumby the year
per capitaper person
per diemby the day
per seby itself
persona non grataa person not acceptable
post hoc ergo propter hocafter this therefore because of this
quid pro quosomething in return for something
semper fidelisalways faithful
sine qua nonwithout which not
status quothe state in which
sui generisof its own kind
taedium vitaethe weariness of life
vade mecumgo with me
vice versathe change being turned
viva vocewith the living voice
e pluribus unumout of many, one
novus ordo secloruma new order of the ages
annuit coeptisHe gives approval to our undertakings
anno Dominiin the year of our Lord
ante meridiem (A.M.)before mid-day
post meridiem (P.M.)after mid-day
et ceteraand other things
nota benenote well
tabula rosablank slate
requiescat in pacerest in peace
caveat emptorlet the buyer beware
amicus curiaefriend of the court
ex officioas a result of the office
alma materschool or university which one attended

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