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Ch 6 sec 2 vocab

Psychology vocabulary reviews

operant conditioningLearning that is strengthened when behavior is followed by positive reinforcement
reinforcementA stimulus or event that follows a response and increases the frequency of that response
primary reinforcerA stimulus, such as food or warmth, that has reinforcement value without learning
secondary reinforcerA stimulus that increases the probablility of a response because of its association with a primary reinforcer
positive reinforcerAn encouraging stimulus that increases the frequency of a behavior when it is presented
negative reinforcerAn unpleasant stimulus that increases the frequency of behavior when it is removed
schedule of reinforcementA timetable for when and how often reinforcement for a particular behavior occurs
continuous reinforcementThe reinforcement of a desired response every time it occurs
partial reinforcementA type of conditional learning in which only some of the responses are reinforced
shapingIn operant conditioning, a procedure in which reinforcement guides behavior toward closer approximations of the desired goal

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