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Population Vocab

ecologythe study of any and all aspects of how organisms interact with each other and their environment
populationa group within a single species, the individuals of which can and do freely interbreed
habitatthe specific environment in which and organism lives
communitya group of differant species living in the same ecosystem
ecosystema grouping of plants, animals, and other organisms interacting with each other and their environment
bioticliving or derived from living things
abioticpertaining to the factors or things that are seperate or independent from living things; nonliving
biospherethe overall ecosystem of the earth
population sizethe number of individuals making up its gene pool
population densitythe number of individuals per unit of area
population distributionthe general pattern in which the population members are dispersed through its habitat
age stucturethe relative proportions of individuals of each age - especially with respect to reproductive years
clumped dispersionmembers of a population living in clumps
uniform dispersionuniform number of individuals spread out through an environment
random dispersionmembers of a population spread out randomly through an environment
immigrationmovement of individuals into a population
emigrationmovement of individuals out of a population
zero population growthbirth rate and death rate balanced so no population growth occurs
expotential growththe growth produced when the base population increases by a given percentage each year
biotic potentialthe potential of a species of increasing its population and/or distribution
limiting factora factor primarily responsible for limiting the growth and/or reproduction of an organism or a population
carrying capacitythe maximum population of a given animal or human that an ecosystem can support
density-dependent controlsin referance to population balance, Controls that limit population by predation, disease, and resourses
density-independent controlsmost often weather-related occurences such as storms and floods that affect populations
family planning programshuman reproductive programs to limit the growth of the human population ex. birth control and educational programs
nichethe roll an organism plays in their comunity

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