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Literary Terms

Match the word and definition.

plotSequence of events in a story, novel or play.
narrative hookThe plot catches the reader's attention.
climaxPoint of highest emotional pitch.
resolutionThe final outcome.
conflictStruggle between two opposing forces.
settingTime and place events occur.
point of viewRelationship of the storyteller to the story.
themeMain idea.
symbolismObject, person or place that means more than what it is.
descriptive essayCarefully detailed portrayal of a person, place, or thing.
speaker in poetryVoice of a poem.
blank verse poetryWritten in unrhymed iambic pentameter.
onomatopoeiaImitates the sound of what it describes.
allusionReference to character, place or situation in literature, music or history.
figurative languageUsed for descriptive effect, often to imply ideas.
narrative poetryVerse that tells a story.
balladShort, musical, narrative poem.
dramatic poetryOne or more characters speak.
concrete poetryStresses the visual appearance of words.
biographyAccount of person's life by someone other than the subject.
narrative essayVerse that tells a story.
persuasive essayAims to make the audience accept an opinion.
dialogue in dramaConversation between characters.
soliloquyLong speech spoken by a character.
themeMain idea.
expository essayWriter's purpose is to explain facts or ideas.
satireForm of writing that ridicules or abuses for the sake of remedying them.
foreshadowingUse of clues by the author to prepare readers for event that will happen.
characterizationMethods a writer uses to develop the personality of a character.
atmosphereEmotional quality or mood of a story.
toneAttitude of the author toward the subject.
frame storyStory within a story.
ironyContrast between reality and what seems to be real.
autobiographyStory of a person's life by that person.

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