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You match the idiom with its correct definition

In the bagyou are for sure about somthing
On the up and upFeeling better
Food for thoughtMany things to think about
Full of hot airTalking to much or bragging
Under the weatherNot feling well
Cut it outStop doing somthing
Tie the knotget married
Elbow greasePut effort into somthing
Eat your heart outBe sad when you can't have somthing
Let the cat out of the bagTo tell a secret
absent mindedforget
all earseager to listen to someone
all thumbsclumsy, have difficulty fixing things
back on one's feetreturn to good financial or physical health
back to the drawing boardgo back and start on idea or project from the beginning
do somthing behind one's backwithout someone's knowledge
bite off more than you can chewtry to do more than you are able to do
bite the dustkilled, breakdown, defeated
blow one's own hornpraise oneself
burry the hatchetstop quarreling and become friendly with someone

Cheryl Elkins

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