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Five Themes of Geography Vocabulary

Locationhelps you tell others where you are on Earth by absolute location and/or relative location; Where is it?
Placeevery location has a place identity with unique physical and human features; What is it like?
Human-Environment Interactionhumans and the environment do things that effect each other, Who lives there and what do they do?
Movementpeople in different parts of the country or world interact with one another; people,products, and ideas move by transportation and communication; How did people get there? What are the patterns of movement of people, products and information?
Regionsareas on earth whose features make them different than other areas on earth; How is this place like other places? How is it different?
absolute locationexact location on earth; using latitude and longitude
relative locationlocation described by what is near or around it
physicial featureslandforms, bodies of water, climate, soil, plant and animal life
human featuresThings people make or their way of life; buildings bridges, farms, roads, culture
Social Studiesthe study of history, government and human interaction
climateweather in a place over a period of time

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