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Quirk's Global History I - Greek Study Guide

MinoansEarly traders living on Crete
MyceneansFirst Greek-speakers, sea-traders
HomerPoet of The Iliad & The Odyssey
Trojan WarGreeks & Trojans fought for ten years
PolisCity-state built on two levels.
AthensCity-state run by noble landowners
SolonLeader made reforms outlawing debt slavery
CleisthenesReformed citizens role in government
SpartaNation of soldiers in south Greece
HelotsState-owned slaves
DariusPersian King, vengeful for Greek insult
XerxesDarius' son, sent force to Greece
MarathonCombat between Greeks and Persians
LeonidasSpartan warrior king.
Peloponnesian WarSparta & Athens in Greek conflict
SocratesPhilosopher sought truth & knowledge
PlatoIdeal state:workers,rulers, & philosophers
AristotleFavored rule by strong leader
Golden MeanReason was leading force for learning
HippocratesGreek physician, studied illnesses

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