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Chapter13 Review

What were the names of the two men who fought for controll over Rome.Romulus and Remus
Who decided which one should rule Rome?The gods
Who ended up being King of Rome?Romulus
What group was the Romans part of?Latins
Where did the Romans live with the Latins?Palatine
Where did the Etruscans live?Etruria
Who did the Etruscans borrow a alphebet from?The Greeks
Did the Etruscans have their own language?Yes
Why did the Etruscans build tunnels?to drain their marshy fields
What did Etruscan farmers use to farm?Iron tools
Why did farmers use Iron tools?Because wooden would break
What did Etruscan minors dig up?copper, lead, Iron and tin
What did merchants turn the dug up materials into?Weapons, jewlery and tools
Did the Etruscans have a strong Army?Yes
What techniques did the Etruscan army use?The phanlax
What was an extra weapon for the Etruscan soldiers?there metal boots
What did Etruscans have to classify people?Social order
Social Orderthe way people are classed
What three groups were the Etruscans classified in?Wealthy, middle class farmers, enslaved people
Did the Etruscans belive in gods?yes
Soothsayerspeople who can predict events
omenssigns of what is to happen
What were Etruscan tombs calledcatacombs
Did the Etruscans belive in life after death?Yes
necropolisa cemetary
Did Etruscans taught Romans everythingyes
Why did the Romans grow jealous of Etruscans?Because they couldn't do everything that Etruscans could
Gladitorial gamesa way for Romans to amuse themselves
triumpha parade- like welcome given to a Roman hero
fascesa bunndle of roda wrapped around a ax
municipalcity, govermaent
mundusplace where two streets met

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