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Math Match

Write word and definition, you have to match up the word with the definition.

Bar Grapha graph using horizontal or vertical bars to display numerical information
Pictographa graph using symbols to represent data
Line Grapha graph in which a line shows changes in data, often over time
Pie Grapha round graph that uses different sized wedges to show how proportions of of data compare with the whole set
2 Ways Graphs Are MisleadingNo lables or some are missing, scale does not start at zero
Scatterplota graph showing paired data values
Trenda relationship between two sets of data that shows up as a pattern in a scatterplot
Tally Marksmarks used to organize a large set of data
Frequency Charta table listing each value that appeares in a data set followed by the number of times it appears
Line Plota plot that shows the shape of a data set by stacking x's above each value on a number line
Scalethe "ruler" that measures the heights of bars in a bar graph
Intervalone of the equal sized divisions on a bar graph scale
Horizontal Axisthe horizontal line on the graph
Vertical Axisthe vertical line of the two lines on which the graph is built
Rangethe difference between the highest and lowest values in a data set
Stem and Leaf Diagrama graph showing the shape of a data set bt breaking each value into a "stem" part and a "leaf" part
Medianthe middle value in a data set when the values are listed from lowest to highest
Modeone of the values appearing most often in a data set
Meanthe sum of the values in a data set divided by the number of values; the average
Outliera number very different from the numbers in a data set

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