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The Machine Age Matching Game

Match the inventors with their inventions or the person with their industry.

Henry Bessemernew process for making steel
Gail Bordencondensed milk
Latham Sholesstandardized typewriter keyboard
Elijah McCoylubricating cup
Alexander Graham Belltelephone
Henry Fordhorseless carriage
Thomas Edisonincandescent light bulb, phonograph, copy machine
George Eastmaneasy-to-use camera
George Westinghouseair brake
Andrew Carnegiesteel
John D. Rockefelleroil
Gustavus Swiftcattle dealer/slaughterhouse
George CorlissCorliss steam engine
Lewis H. Latimerassisted in improving the light bulb
monopolyone company owning all railroads
national marketconnects buyers and sellers from great distances
railroadbenefitted most from creation of time zones

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