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Match these /l/ blend words with their definitions

bluethe color after green in the rainbow
blinkto close your eyes fast
blowwhat the wind does
blindmeans you can't see
blushwhen your cheeks turn red, you do this
bleedwhat might happen if you cut yourself
cleannot dirty
climbto move higher on steps or a ladder
clapto hit your hands together
clothingthings you wear such as shirt and pants
clowna funny person found at a circus
cloudsomething in the sky that produces rain
flyto move through the air
floura white powder used to make bread
flowera plant that is colorful
flashlightsomething you carry to give off light
floorwhat you walk on in a building
glasssomething to drink from
gladanother word for happy
glueanother word for paste
glassessomething you wear to help you see better
pleasea polite word you use to ask for something
planesomething that flies in the air
platea type of dish to eat from
plumbera person who works on pipes
plentyenough of something
playwhat you do to have fun
slipwhat you might do on ice
slapto hit hard with your open hand
sledsomething fun to ride on in the snow
sleevepart of your shirt that your arm goes in
slipperyhow it feels walking on ice
sleepwhat people do at night
slyanother word for sneaky
slicewhat you do to bread to cut it

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