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Italian lesson 1

Lesson one

Ciao!Hi! Hello! Bye! (familiar)
Buon giorno.Good morning. Good afternoon
Buona sera.Good evening.
Buona notteGood night.
a piu` tardesee you later
a prestosee you soon
a domanisee you tomorrow
arrivederciGood bye (familiar)
ArrivederLaGood bye (polite)
Come stai?How are you? (familiar)
Come sta?How are you? (polite)
Molto BeneVery well
BenissimoVery well
Abbastanza benePretty good
Cosi` Cosi`So so
Non c'e` maleNot too bad
E tu?And you? (familiar)
E Lei?And you? (formal)
Sono contento(a) di rivedertiI am happy to see you again (familiar)
Sono contento(a) di rivederLaI am happy to see you again (formal)
Come ti chiami?What's your name? (familiar)
Come si chiama?What's you name? (polite)
Mi chiamo...My name is...
Ti presento...Let me introduce you to... (familiar)
Le presento...Let me introduce you to... (formal)
Molto lientoVery pleased to meet you
PiacerePleased to meet you
GrazieThank you
PregoYou're welcome
ScusaExcuse me (familiar)
ScusiExcuse me (formal)
Aspetto...I'm waiting for...
Ecco...Here is/are... There is/are...
Il mio amicoMy friend (male)
La mia amicamy friend (female)
Andiamo a prendere un caffe`?Shall we go for coffee?
essereto be
stareto be; to stay
io sonoI am
tu seiyou are (familiar)
lui e`he is
lei e`she is
Lei e`you are (polite)
noi siamowe are
voi sieteyou are (familiar or pollite)
loro sonothey are
Loro sonoyou are (polite)
io stoI am; I stay
tu staiyou are; you stay (familiar)
lui stahe is; he stays
lei stashe is; she stays
Lei stayou are; you stay (polite)
noi stiamoWe are; we stay
voi stateyou are; you stay (familiar or polite)
loro stannothey are; they stay
Loro stannoyou are; you stay (polite)

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