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Cells Quiz

I am making a flashcard game on cells

Where do living things come from?Cells
Name three organs in your body.Heart, kindney, liver
What is respiration?When glucose is broken down or split for energy.
What is photosynthesis?The process where plants make thier own food.
Name one of the five kingdoms and give an example.Animals-Humans.
Cells work together to formtissues
tissues work together to formorgans
Organs work together to formSystems
When systems work together they form anorganism
What does "complex" mean?Made up of a # of parts.
What is the sugar in photosynthesis?Glucose
What does the latin word "in" mean?Without
What does the latin words multi and uni mean?Uni=one Multi=many
Why is ozone good?It holds back ultraviolet rays
Why is ozone bad?It can become a pollutant when to near the earth
What color is clorophyll?Green
What does the latin word Chloro mean?Color
Why do leaves change color in the fall?The green clorophyll dies and the other master color takes over.

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