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stem-changers pensar, preferir y querer with infinitives

Match the Spanish to English sentences using pensar, preferir and querer with infinitives.

Pienso viajar.I'm planning to travel.
Quiero viajar.I want to travel.
Prefiero viajar.I prefer to travel.
Pienso comer.I'm planning to eat.
Quiero comer.I want to eat.
Prefiero comer.I prefer to eat.
Pienso escribir.I'm planning to write.
Prefiero escribir.I prefer to write.
Quiero escribir.I want to write.
Piensas trabajar.You are planning to work.
Prefieres trabajar.You prefer to work.
Quieres trabajar.You want to work.
Piensas leer.You are planning to read.
Prefieres leer.You prefer to read.
Quieres leer.You want to read.
Piensas compartir.You are planning to share.
Prefieres compartir.You prefer to share.
Quieres compartir.You want to share.
Piensa hablar.He is planning to talk.
Prefiere hablar.He prefers to talk.
Quiere hablar.He wants to talk.
Piensa aprender.He's planning to learn.
Prefiere aprender.He prefers to learn.
Quiere aprender.He wants to learn.
Piensa vivir.He plans on living.
Prefiere vivir.He prefers to live.
Quiere vivir.He wants to live.
Pensamos cocinar.We are planning to cook.
Preferimos cocinar.We prefer to cook.
Queremos cocinar.We want to cook.
Pensamos correr.We are planning to run.
Preferimos correr.We prefer to run.
Queremos correr.We want to run.
Pensamos recibir dinero.We are planning to receive money.
Preferimos recibir dinero.We prefer to receive money.
Queremos recibir dinero.We want to receive money.
Pensáis limpiar.Y'all are planning to clean.
Preferís limpiar.Y'all prefer to clean.
Queréis limpiar.Y'all want to clean.
Pensáis beber leche.Y'all are planning to drink milk.
Preferís beber leche.Y'all prefer to drink milk.
Queréis beber leche.Y'all want to drink milk.
Pensáis decir la verdad.Y'all are planning to tell the truth.
Preferís decir la verdad.Y'all prefer to tell the truth.
Queréis decir la verdad.Y'all want to tell the truth.
Piensan mirar la tele.They are planning to watch the TV.
Prefieren mirar la tele.They prefer to watch the TV.
Quieren mirar la tele.They want too watch the TV.
Piensan hacer una fiesta.They are planning to have a party.
Prefieren hacer una fiesta.They prefer to have a party.
Quieren hacer una fiesta.They want to have a party.
Piensan conducir.They are planning to drive.
Prefieren conducir.They prefer to drive.
Quieren conducir.They want to drive.

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