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French I Unit 2-1 Describing People JAVA GAMES

Match the French terms for who people are and what they are like to the English equivalents.

un amia male (close) friend
une amiea female (close) friend
amusantfunny, amusing (masculine)
amusantefunny, amusing (feminine)
assezrather, quite (enough)
beaugood-looking, beautiful, handsome (masc. obj.)
bellegood-looking, beautiful, handsome (fem. obj.)
blondlight-haired, blond (masc.)
blondelight-haired, blond (fem.)
brundark-haired, brunette (masc.)
brunedark-haired, brunette (fem.)
un/une camaradeclassmate, school friend, co-worker (m & f)
Comment est-il?What is he/it like?
Comment est-elle?What is she/it like?
Comment s'appelle-t-elle?What is her/its name?
Comment s'appelle-t-il?What is his/its name?
une damelady, woman (Québec une madame)
un/une élèvea high-school student
un étudianta male college student
une étudiantea female college student
une femmea woman, wife
une fillea girl, daughter
un garçona boy, waiter
grandtall, big (masc.)
grandetall, big (fem.)
un hommea man
intelligentsmart, intelligent (masc.)
intelligentesmart, intelligent (fem.)
intéressantinteresting (masc.)
intéressanteinteresting (fem.)
l'"the" singular definite article before a vowel/silent H
la"the" feminine singular definite article
le"the" masculine singular definite article
les"the" plural definite article
un monsieura gentleman, man
une personnea person (male or female)
petitsmall, short, little (masc.)
petitesmall, short, little (fem.)
un professeura teacher, professeur (always masc.)
sincèresincere, honest, well-meaning
sympathique (sympa)nice, pleasant (in personality)
una, an (masc. indefinite article)
unea, an (fem. indefinite article)
dessome (plural indefinite article)
roussered-haired (fem.)
grisgray-haired (masc.)
rouxred-haired (masc.)
grisegray-haired (fem.)

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