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CT II Chapter 5

Uncover the matching terms.

ChipsIntegrated circuit
Integrated circuitThin slice of crystal
MotherboardContains processor chip, memory chips, I/O chips
ROMPrograms to start computer
RAMTemporarily holds data
BusTransports data between components
PortProvides a plug for a cable that leads to a device
Expansion slotProvides a way to add devices to a computer system
Expansion cardPlugs into a slot to provide circuitry for assigned tasks
Real-time clockBattery powered chip
Digital deviceWorks with discrete numbers
Analog deviceOperates on varying data
BitEach 1 or 0 that represents data
Byte8 bits
One Characterbyte
Numeric datanumbers that represent quantities
Binary number systemBase two
Character dataletters, symbols, numerals
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange
EBCDICeight bits
Data busthe way data travels
Data linescarry the signals that repreent data
Address linescarry the location of data
Memoryelectronic circuitry
CapacitorsMicroscopic electronic parts
RAM addressHelps computer locate the data contained in the bank
Storage of RAMmeasured in megabytes
RAM speedaccess speed of over 60 nanoseconds
Virtual memoryDisk storage that simulates RAM
ROMchips that help a computer prepare for tasks
ROM BIOStells computer how to access disk drives
CMOSholds data requires little power
CPUcircuitry that executes instructions to process data
ALUperforms arithmetic operations
Registersholds data being processed
Control unitdirects and coordinates processing
Instructiontells computer to perform a specific operation
Op codecommand word for an operation
Opeerandsspecify the data or address of the data
Instruction cycleprocess by which a computer executes a single instruction
INPinput the given value
CLAclear the accumulator to 0
MAMMove the value to memory location
MMRMove the value to register
MRAmove value from register to accumulator
MARmove value from accumulator to register
ADDadd the values in two registers
SUBsubtract the value in second register from value in first register
MULmultiply the values in two registers
DIVdivide the value in the first register by the value in the second register
INCIncrement value in register by 1
DECdecrement the value by 1
CMPcompare the values in two registers
JMPJump to specific instruction
HLThalts program
System clockemits pulses to establish timing
Megahertzmillions of cycles per second
Word sizerefers to number of bits the CPU can handle at one time
RAM cachehigh speed memory
CISCcomplex instruction set computer
RISCreduced instruction set computer
PipeliningProcessor executes an instruction before it completes the previous one
Parallel processingincreases the amount of processing a computer can do
Controller cardcircuit board that plugs into an expansion slot
DB9Fmouse or modem
USB Amodem,keyboards,joystick,scanner,mouse
IEEE 1284printer,external CD-ROM, Zip drive
C50Fhard disk drive, CD-ROM, scanner
Power Upwhen you first turn on the switch
POSTPower On Self Test
IO.SYS & MSDOS.SYSoperating system files
COMMAND.COM"Bad or missing command interpreter"
Autoexec.batmodify your computing environment of the Week archives technology of microprocessors of a PC web site

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