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China: Chapters 7-11 Review

What are the advantages (to the Chinese people) if they come to study in another country?make new friends, learn new ideas, learn to speak English, learn another point of view
What are the advantages (to us) if students from other countries come to study in Canada?learn about another culture, make new friends, learn a different point of view
How does the role of the grandmother in Chinese homes, help the family meet their basic needs?She might take care of the children and cook which would allow the mother and father to work outside the home.
State school two rules (in China) that are similar to rules at Master's Academy?show respect to adults, come to school on time, abide by shool discipline, honesty
State school two rules (in China) that are different to rules at Master's Academy?love the motherland, love physical labour, stress hygene, live plainly
What do the rules found in Chinese schools tell us about Chinese lifestyle?Chinese lifestyle is more structured with a emphesis on loving their country.
Name two ways the western missionaries changed Chinese schools.They taught western science and economics, girls were allowed to study, started universities
What was the main difference between schools in China and Canada during the Cultural Revolution?The government thought education should include manual labour. They were forced to work on farms.
What happened when the students started questioning China's government in 1987?The government limited the number of students studying outside the country.
Why did the government limit the number of students studying outside the country (once students started to complain about China's form of government)?They didin't want students to experience living in a democratic country. They would just become dissatisfied and come home and make trouble.
What did students do in 1989 that caused the governemnt to further clamp down on freedoms?The students staged a revolt at Tiananmen Square. Many students were killed.
What teachings of Confucius led to the rule that women could not go to school?People should remember their place and not strive to improve their lives.
What teachings of the missionaries le dto a rule thta all boys and girls should be allowed to go to school?Everyone should be allowed to learn and improve their lives.
Name one disadvantage of countries exchanging ideas with each other bysending students to each other's counrtries to study.They might refuse to come back home, thye might come home dissatisfied and try to change the way their country does things.
Does tea come from north or south China?south China
What part of China does rice come from?south China
What part of China does wheat come from?north China
What part ofChina does cotton come from?south China
What type of climate could you expect if you visited north or south China.South China has a hotter climat because it is closer to the equator. Northern China has a climate more similar to Alberta.
"Have you eaten?" is a common greeting among the Chinese mealtime. Why?It is an enormous task to fulfill the eating needs of 1 billion people ( limited land). Having enough food is not taken for granted therefore people ask the question daily.
Name one food that could not be grown in south China.wheat, millet
Name one food that couldn't be grown in north China.tobacco, cotton, peanuts
What is a commune?communities of people who share living space , posessions and responsibilites.
What happens on a commune?People work together for the common good of the group living on the commune.Everyone is equal.
What do Communists believe?They believe that the wealth of a country should be shared with everyone in the country.
Who was the first leader of the Communist party in China (1949)?Mao Zedong
In what way did the commune system not work?Since everything was shared equally there was no reason for people to work hard. People who worke dhard didn't receieve any more than people who didn't.
How did the "Responsibility System" work?The governemnt gave Chinese farmers a set amount of crop to produce (quota). Once they produced that they were able to keep the money made from producing more than the quota.
Why did the "responsibilty System" work better than the Commune system?It encouraged farmers to work hard because they would benefit (by making more money).
Name two ways the Chinese are trying to moderize and improve farming.Using modern tools (instead of manual labour), research into better methods
list one way that life is different for children in China.Even young children are expected to study at night
School rules reflect values which people want their children to learn. Name one rule taught in Chinese schools that matches the value of GOOD MANNERS?Respect teachers, be polite to others.
Why are older people concerned about the "one child" policy?They are worried that there won't be anyone to take care of them in their old age.
The Chinese did not try to _____________ nature with their discoveries.conquer
TheChinese beleived that human invention should not _______ nature.harm
The main diffreence between Chinese health care and Canadian health care is:The Chinese emphesize PREVENTING illness. Canadian emphesize CURING illness once it occurs.
Name two Chinese inventions:gunpowder, compass, paper
Traditionally, the Chinese believed that _________ held the key to healthy living.nature
Nme one probelem that Chinese cities might have that is different from Canadian cities.There are so many people to transport in China and there are few cars.
How is good communication important to both China and Canada?Good communication keeps a country united.
Name one way that Canada can help China meet their basic needs.By trading their wheat with China
What is the main purpose of any governemnt?To help its people meet their basic needs.
The job of the Red Guard wa sto get rid of the "four olds". What were the "four olds"?Old ideas, old culture, old habits, old customs
Why do you think Mao wante dot get rid of the four olds?He felt it was the old ways that were holding China back from progessing.
In recent years China has tried to establish better relations with other countries. Name one reason you think they might have done this?do more trading, get new ideas, less chance of war

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