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Spider Vocabulary

Match the spider words with the right definitions.

Ballooningthe method of traveling by wind and a silk thread
Abdomenthe second main body part that holds the silk.
Egg Saca sac is used to protect the eggs made out of silk.
Exoskeletonthe outer shell of a skeleton
MoltingWhen the exoskeletoncomes off
Preyany reture that is hunting and is caught for food
Draglinea lifeline that is a double thread that trails behind the spider. If danger comes the spider uses it to escape and hide.
Arachnidgroup of animals- spiders, scorpians, daddy long legs, mites, and ticks.
Signal Threada silk thread that goes from a hiding spider to its web to announce an insect in the web.
Spinneretssmall tubes at the end of the abdomine where the silk comes out
Cephalothoraxthe main parts odf a spiders body are the legs, fangs, eyes, mouth, and poison glands
Orb Weba round web

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