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Short Story Terms Review

Know these terms inside and out!!!

foreshadowinga hint or clue given to the reader of what is to come
Protagonistmain character
Antagonista character or force that opposes the main character
Symbola person, place or object that represents an abstract idea
Plotseries of events in a story
Themethe underlying meaning of a literary work
settingwhere and when a story takes place
similea comparison of two unlike things using "like" or "as"
metaphoran indirect comparison of two unlike things
personificationhuman charactersistics are assigned to nonhuman things, or life is attributed to inanimate objects
situation ironywhen what is expected or intended contrasts with what occurs
verbal ironywhen the surface meaning of what one says or writes is opposite of the intended meaning
dramatic ironywhen the reader or spectator knows more about the true state of affairs than the characters
first persona character in the story tells the story using "I"
third person omniscientan outsider tells the story from an all-knowing point of view
third person limitedan outsider tells the story, focusing on the thoughts and feeling of one character
third person objectivean outsider tells the story from a factual point of view.No characters feelings or thoughts are revealed
moodthe climate or feeling of a literary work
climaxwhen the main character takes decisive action to end the conflict or when the situation is such that the problem must be resolved in some way

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