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Buoyancy Matching, Concentration, Flash Cards, Word Search


PredictionA guess, to tell beforehand
BuoyancyThe ability of something to float
CapacityThe amount of space that can be filled
PropertiesAll the qualities that a thing has (weight, size, color, shape, taste, texture)
TextureHow something feels (rough, smooth, fine, course)
WeightHow heavy something is
BargeA flat-bottomed boat used for carrying heavy loads
AbsorbTo suck up and take in like a sponge
SinkDisappearing under the surface of the water
FloatStaying on top of the water
ShapeThe outside appearance of an object
SizeHow much space a thing takes up (big, small)
PlasticineMolding clay
OutcomeWhat happened
ConstantStays the same
VariableThings that can change
DisplacementThe amount of liquid that is pushed aside by an object
ObservationSomething seen and noted
ExperimentA test of an idea by making observations
CargoObjects that are put into the boat

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