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Vocabulary List 4

Study For English Test

scrupulousexact, meraculous, demanding
fidelityfaithfulness, devotion, loyalty
incontestablyclearly, absolutly
precludeprevent, forestall, hinder
foraysexcurssuions, expeditions
compromiseendanger, threaten
swathea path made in mowing
rationalereason, explanation, interperation
chortledlaghed, chuckled, snorted
voraciousgreedy, ravenous
implacablerelentless, unmerciful, ruthless
inexorableinescapably, inevitably, certainly
remorselesslymercilessly, crully, shamelessly
inordiatelyextremely, exceedingly
violationwill, resolution, desire
fluctuantflexible, pliant
neurastheniaa conditon marked by fatigue and loss of memory
suppurationinfection, sore, absess
palliativealleviating, but not curing
beatificallyblissfully, joyfuly
unprecedentedunparalleled, unique
epitomemodel, paragon
quiescentquite, inactive

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