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Learn more about hte 6 years that baffled the world.

German supreme leaderAdolph Hitler
Most fatal amphibious assault ( 1942 )Dieppe
Largest amphibious assault (1945 )Normandie campaign
Main German assault tanksPanzer, tiger.
Main american tankSherman
Rapid fire american gunBAR ( Browning Automatic Rifle )
Most feared piece of Naval gear ( German )Submarine
American rifleSemi-Automatic Garand
Nick named the Tommy was the american rapid fire weapon.Thompson.
In fantries most effective weapon60- millimeter mortar
Could burn through thin metalBazooka shells
2 American D-Day beachesUtah, Omaha
2 British D-Day beachesGold, Sword
1 Canadian beach ( D-Day )Juno
1 American BattleshipNevada
The second WW started ona) 1935 b) 1991 c) 1939
The german air force was called theLuftwaffe
2 Air force fighter planes( Canadian )Spitfires, Hurricanes
Germans declared war on Russia in ...1941
Who landed at Point du HoeThe Rangers

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