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Odyssey Characters

OdysseusThis epic is the story of his journey home from the Trojan war. He is brave, loyal and very clever. He is king of Ithaca
PenelopeShe is the faithful, loyal wife of Odysseus. She is Homer's example of the perfect Greek wife and mother in her patient loyalty of 20 years
TelemachusSon of Odysseus and Penelope. He was an infant when Odysseus left for the Trojan War. The epic is also a story about his journey to manhood
AntinousThe evil leader of the suitors. He is the 1st one Odysseus kills.
EumaeusA loyal servant of Odysseus, who helps him fight the suitors with Philoetius
EurycleiaAn old woman servant , a devoted nurse to both Odysseus and Telemachus in their youth
EurymachusA suitor who is an evil coward. He tries to blame Antiniousfor all of the suitors actions. He is killed 2nd.
IrusThe favorite beggar of the suitors. He is cruel to the disguised Odysseus.
LaertesFather of Odysseus, he lives on a farm some distnce away.
MelanthoA servant girl who has been disloyal to Odysseus by becoming the mistress of the evil Eurymachus.
MelanthiusA servant of Odysseus who has betrayed him by assisting the suitors.
MelenausKing of Sparta, and a comrade to Odysseus during the Trojan War. Helen was his wife.
NestorKing of Pylos, he fought at troy with Odysseus and known for his wise counsel.
PhiloetlusA loyal servant to Odysseus, he and Eumaeus help Odysseus to fight the suitors.
TiresiasOdysseus goes to Hades to consult with this famous, deceased Greek prophet.
AlcinousKing of the Phaecians and to whom Odysseus tells his story
CalypsoSee goddess who loved Odysseus
Circethe enchantress who helped Odysseus
ZeusKing of the gods
ApolloGod of music, poetry, prophecy, medicine
AgamemnonKing and leader of Greek forces
PoseidonGod the sea, earthquakes, horses, and storms at sea
AthenaGoddess of wisdom, skills, warfare
CronusZeus's father, titan ruler of the universe
Perimedesa member of Odysseus's crew
Eurylochusanother member of Odysseus's crew
PersephoneWife of Hades
Sirenscreatures of the sea who sing and lure sailors to their deaths
Scyllaa sea monster gray rock
Charybdisenormous and dangerous whirlpool
Lampetiaa nymph
Hermesmessenger of the gods
Amphinomusa suitor
EurynomePenelope's housekeeper

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