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Chemical Names and Formulas

Match the chemical name with its formula.

Carbon dioxideCO2
Carbon monoxideCO
Hydrogen chlorideHCl
Hydrogen sulfideH2S
Nitrogen (II) oxideNO
Sulfur dioxideSO2
Aluminun oxideAl2O3
Barium SulfateBaSO4
Calcium hydroxideCa(OH)2
Copper (II) sulfateCuSO4
Ethene (ethylene)C2H4
Ethyne (acetylene)C2H2
Hydrogen fluorideHF
Hydrogen iodideHI
Iodine chlorideICl
Lead (II) oxidePbO
Magnesium oxideMgO
Nitrogen (II) oxideNO
Nitrogen (IV) oxideNO2
Potassium chlorideKCl
Sodium chlorideNaCl
Sulfur dioxideSO2
Aluminum BromideAlBr3
Aluminum CarbonateAl2(CO3)3
Aluminum ChlorideAlCl3
Aluminum ChromateAl2(CrO4)3
Aluminum HydroxideAl(OH)3
Aluminum IodideAlI3
Aluminum NitrateAl(NO3)3
Aluminum PhosphateAlPO4
Aluminum SulfateAl2(SO4)3
Aluminum SulfideAl2S3
Ammonium AcetateNH4C2H3O2
Ammonium BromideNH4Br
Ammonium Carbonate(NH4)2CO3
Ammonium ChlorideNH4Cl
Ammonium Chromate(NH4)2CrO4
Ammonium HydroxideNH4OH
Ammonium IodideNH4I
Ammonium NitrateNH4NO3
Ammonium Phosphate(NH4)3PO4
Ammonium Sulfate(NH4)2SO4
Ammonium Sulfide(NH4)2S
Barium AcetateBa(C2H3O2)2
Barium BromideBaBr2
Barium CarbonateBaCO3
Barium ChlorideBaCl2
Barium ChromateBaCrO4
Barium HydroxideBa(OH)2
Barium IodideBaI2
Barium NitrateBa(NO3)2
Barium PhosphateBa3(PO4)2
Barium SulfateBaSO4
Barium SulfideBaS
Calcium AcetateCa(C2H3O2)2
Calcium BromideCaBr2
Calcium CarbonateCaCO3
Calcium ChlorideCaCl2
Calcium ChromateCaCrO4
Calcium HydroxideCa(OH)2
Calcium IodideCaI2
Calcium NitrateCa(NO3)2
Calcium PhosphateCa3(PO4)2
Calcium SulfateCaSO4
Calcium SulfideCaS
Copper (II) AcetateCu(C2H3O2)2
Copper (II) BromideCuBr2
Copper (II) CarbonateCuCO3
Copper (II) ChlorideCuCl2
Copper (II) ChromateCuCrO4
Copper (II) HydroxideCu(OH)2
Copper (II) IodideCuI2
Copper (II) NitrateCu(NO3)2
Copper (II) PhosphateCu3(PO4)2
Copper (II) SulfateCuSO4
Copper (II) SulfideCuS
Iron (II) AcetateFe(C2H3O2)2
Iron (II) BromideFeBr2
Iron (II) CarbonateFeCO3
Iron (II) ChlorideFeCl2
Iron (II) ChromateFeCrO4
Iron (II) HydroxideFe(OH)2
Iron (II) IodideFeI2
Iron (II) NItrateFe(NO3)2
Iron (II) PhosphateFe3(PO4)2
Iron (II) SulfateFeSO4
Iron (II) SulfideFeS
Iron (III) AcetateFe(C2H3O2)3
Iron (III) BromideFeBr3
Iron (III) CarbonateFe2(CO3)3
Iron (III) ChlorideFeCl3
Iron (III) ChromateFe2(CrO4)3
Iron (III) HydroxideFe(OH)3
Iron (III) IodideFeI3
Iron (III) NitateFe(NO3)3
Iron (III) PhosphateFePO4
Iron (III) SulfateFe2(SO4)3
Iron (III) SulfideFe2S3
Magnesium AcetateMg(C2H3O2)2
Magnesium BromideMgBr2
Magnesium CarbonateMgCO3
Magnesium ChlorideMgCl2
Magnesium ChromateMgCrO4
Magnesium HydroxideMg(OH)2
Magnesium IodideMgI2
Magnesium NitrateMg(NO3)2
Magnesium PhosphateMg3(PO4)2
Magnesium SulfateMgSO4
Magnesium SulfideMgS
Mercury (I) AcetateHgC2H3O2
Mercury (I) BromideHgBr
Mercury (I) CarbonateHg2CO3
Merucry (I) ChlorideHgCl
Mercury (I) ChromateHg2CrO4
Merucry (I) HydroxideHgOH
Mercury (I) IodideHgI
Mercury (I) NitrateHgNO3
Mercury (I) PhosphateHg3PO4
Mercury (I) SulfateHg2SO4
Mercury (I) SulfideHg2S
Merucry (II) AcetateHg(C2H3O2)2
Mercury (II) BromideHgBr2
Mercury (II) CarbonateHgCO3
Merucry (II) ChlorideHgCl2
Mercury (II) ChromateHgCrO4
Mercury (II) HydroxideHg(OH)2
Mercury (II) IodideHgI2
Mercury (II) NitrateHg(NO3)2
Mercury (II) PhosphateHg3(PO4)2
Merucry (II) SulfateHgSO4
Mercury (II) SulfideHgS
Potassium AcetateKC2H3O2
Potassium BromideKBr
Potassium CarbonateK2CO3
Potassium ChlorideKCl
Potassium ChromateK2CrO4
Potassium HydroxideKOH
Potassium IodideKI
Potassium NitrateKNO3
Potassium PhosphateK3PO4
Potassium SulfateK2SO4
Potassium SulfideK2S
Silver AcetateAgC2H3O2
Silver BromideAgBr
Silver CarbonateAg2CO3
Silver ChlorideAgCl
Silver ChromateAg2CrO4
Silver HydroxideAgOH
Silver IodideAgI
Silver NitrateAgNO3
Silver PhosphateAg3PO4
Silver SulfateAg2SO4
Silver SulfideAg2S
Sodium AcetateNaC2H3O2
Sodium BromideNaBr
Sodium CarbonateNa2CO3
Sodium ChlorideNaCl
Sodium ChromateNa2CrO4
Sodium HydroxideNaOH
Sodium IodideNaI
Sodium NitrateNaNO3
Sodium PhosphateNa3PO4
Sodium SulfateNa2SO4
Sodium SulfideNa2S
Zinc AcetateZn(C2H3O2)2
Zinc BromideZnBr2
Zinc CarbonateZnCO3
Zinc ChlorideZnCl2
Zinc ChromateZnCrO4
Zinc HydroxideZn(OH)2
Zinc IodideZnI2
Zinc NitrateZn(NO3)2
Zinc PhosphateZn2(PO4)2
Zinc SulfateZnSO4
Zince SulfideZnS
Lead (II) AcetatePb(C2H3O2)2
Lead (II) BromidePbBr2
Lead (II) CarbonatePbCO3
Lead (II) ChloridePbCl2
Lead (II) ChromatePbCrO4
Lead (II) HydroxidePb(OH)2
Lead (II) IodidePbI2
Lead (II) NitratePb(NO3)2
Lead (II) PhosphatePb3(PO4)2
Lead (II) SulfatePbSO4
Lead (II) SulfidePbS
Lead (IV) AcetatePb(C2H3O2)4
Lead (IV) BromidePbBr4
Lead (IV) ChromatePb(CO3)2
Lead (IV) HydroxidePb(OH)4
Lead (IV) IodidePbI4
Lead (IV) NitratePb(NO3)4
Lead (IV) PhosphatePb3(PO4)4
Lead (IV) SulfatePb(SO4)2
Lead (IV) SulfidePbS2
Aluminum AcetateAl(C2H3O2)3

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