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Vocab Review units 1-3

Review of Vocab Units 1-3 Level C

wantonNo concern for right or wrong
elitea group of the best
myriadgreat number of something
vieto compete against an opponent
glutfull; too much
plauditsapplause and praise
unisonspeak or sing all together
prodigioustremendous in size
allotassign or distribute
incapacitateto take away strength; make too weak to perform
churlishrude; lacking manners
excerptpassage taken from a book
gropetoo feel around blindly
jostlebump; shove
precludeto prevent
revertto go back
rubblebroken stones; ruins
servileacting like a servant or slave
anticssilly behavior
banterteasing and playful chatter
detrimentto cause a loss or disadvantage
enterprisingenergetic; ambitious
frugaleconomical; wasting nothing
incognitoin disguise
maimto injure or cripple
obliqueslanting; not direct
amassto gather together
audaciousbold; daring
complyto agree to a request or command
devoidlacking; empty
instigateto stir up; to start something
perturbto bother; to disturb
revevantbelonging; connected with

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