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Vocab #1

adulterateto contaminate or pollute
ambidextrousable to use both hands equally
augmentto enlarge,supplement or amplify
bereftdeprived of; made unhappy through a loss
deployto position; to utilize
dourharsh,bleak, forbidding
fortituderesolve; steadfastness
gapeto gawk or ogle; to open wide
gibeto ridicule, mock, deride or jeer
insidiouscunning or underhanded
guisea costume, semblance; a pretense
intimationa hint, clue, indication or inkling
opulentrich, lavish, plentiful, abundant
pliablesupple, adaptable, resilient
reiterateto repeat
stolidunresponsive or impassive
tentativeprovisional, inconclusive
unkemptuntidy,sloppy, disheveled
verbatimword for word

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