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Rocks and The Rock Cycle

Metamorphic Rockheat and pressure
Igneous Rockmelting and cooling
Sedimentary Rockweathering and erosion
lavamagma that reaches the earth's surface
extrusive rocklava on the surface solidifies
intrusive rockmagma solidifies beneath the surface
clastic rockparticles of counry rock compact and cement together
organic rockformed form living things or their remains
chemical rockformed by precipitation
metamorphismchanges in structure, appearance and composition of rock under the surface
graniteintrusive igneous rock
obsidianextrusive igneous rock
sandstoneclastic sedimentary rock
shaleclastic sedimentary rock
coalorganic sedimentary rock
limestoneorganic sedimentary rock
saltchemical sedimentary rock
gypsumchemical sedimentary rock
marblenon foliated metamorphic rock
limestoneparent rock of marble
sandstoneparent rock of quartzite
shaleparent rock of slate

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