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Caput 19 Verba Memoranda

abdo, abdere, abdidī, abditumhide, conceal
absum, abesse, āfuībe absent, gone
adsum, adesse, adfuībe near, be present or here
āra, -ae f.altar
certus, -a, -umcertain, sure
contra +accagainst, facing
diēs, diēi
fīnis, fīnis f.end
gladiātor, -ōris m.gladiator
gladius, -iī m.sword
grātiās agereto thank someone
īnspectō (1)look closely at
locus, -ī
lognus, -a, -umlong
loquor, loquī, locūtus sumto speak
māior, māiusgreater, older
melior, meliusbetter
minor, minussmaller
ōlimonce, formerly
pars, partis f.part, piece
pēior, pēiusworse
plūres, plūramore (in number)
plūsmore (in amount)
prior, priusformer
superior, superiushigher
timeō, timēre, timuīfear, be afraid

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