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Vocabulary List 5

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concavitythe state of being concave; a concave surface: a hollow
colloquya conversation or confrence esp. a formal one
indomitablenot easily defeatable or subdued
summationa speech summing up the main point; the act or operation of obtaining a sum
marauderto rove in search of plunder; to invade fo plunder
adducedto present for proof or consideration, as an example; cite; allege
inscrutablethat cannot be searched in to or understood; incomprehensible
equivocateto use ambiguous language with intent to mislead or decevie
calloushardened in feelings insencible
cynicaldistrusting or contemperous of virtue in others; sneering; sarcastic
ineffabletoo overpowering to be expressed in words; too lofty or sacred to be uttered; indefinable
animate (n)full of life
irrevocableincapable of being revoked; incapable of being brought back

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