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Chapter 5 Vocab

Early settlement in North Carolina

assemblythe law-making body of the colony
bicameraltwo houses, as a legislature
borough towna colonial town that has sixty or more families
capitalmoney or property, such as supplies or tools
councila group in the colonial period who helped and advised the governor
dissentornon-Anglicans;people who did not belong to the Church og England
governorone who rules a colony or state
indentured servantone who agreed to work for another for a period of time in return for passage to the New World
joint-stock companya company that sold shares to investors who expected to receive a share of the company's profits
land granta piece of land given to a settler who agreed to move onto it
militiaa citizen army
persecutionbeing subject to unjust or cruel treatrment or constant hostility; especially because of religiuos or political beliefs
Quakersmembers of a religious group thst did not believe in churches or ceremonies and who were Pacifists
Lords Proprietorseight supporters of King Charles II of England who received from him a charter to a colony that included what later became known as North Carolina
royal colonycolony governed directly by the crown
slaveperson bound to a lifetime of service to another
smugglingbringing goods into an area illegally
taxesmoney given by businesses and citizens to the government to pay for the services that the government provides
unicameralone house, as a legislature

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