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Ecce 55A Vocab - Part 2

imperō, imperāre, imperāvī, imperātusto order, rule
dēcernō, dēcernere, dēcrēvī, dēcIto decide, assign
legiō, legiōnis (f)legion (military unit of 3000-5000 men)
appellō, appellāre, appellāvī, appellātusto call by name, nam
vicendōby conquering (gerund)
usque adas far as; up to
domō, domāre, domuī, domitusto tame, subdue, master
flūmen, flūmenis (n)river
mīlia passuuma Roman mile (1000 paces)
bellum īnferre (idiom +dat)to wage war, to make war upon
obses, obsidis (m)hostage
tribūtum, -ī OR stipendium, -ītribute, tax
annuus, -a, -umannual, yearly
aggredior, aggredī, aggressus sumto attack
immānis, -is, -ehuge, immense, extensive

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