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rocks and minerals

review of vocabulary and concepts

scientific methoda plan to answer science questions
hypothesisan educated guess
observationwhat you see, hear, feel and smell
recordwriting about what you observe
conclusiona statement about what you learned
matteranything that has weight and fills space
atoma microscopic particle
electrona particle with a negative charge
protona particle with a positive charge
neutronparticle with no charge
moleculeatoms joined together
crusttop layer of earth made of plates that float
mantlethick layer of solid rock
outer corelayer of melted iron and nickel
inner corecenter of earth made of solid iron and nickel
igneous rock"fire" rock made when magma cools
obsidianan example of igneous rock
sedimentary rockmade when layers under water settle on one another
limestonean example of sedimentary rock
metamorphic rockmade when heat and pressure change the properties of a rock
marblean example of metamorphic rock
geologistsomeone who studies rocks and minerals
rockhard solid part of earth's surface
mineralbuilding block of rocks; chemically the same everywhere
color testtells what a rock or mineral looks like
texture testtells what a rock or mineral feels like
layer testtells where in sedimentary rock a sample is from; cannot be done in the classroom
cleavage testtells how a mineral breaks
hardness testtells how hard a rock or mineral is
Moh's scalelist of 10 minerals used for hardness test
acid testtells if a rock or mineral has a base in it
streak testidentifies a color streak that only a certain rock or mineral can make
streak plateused to identify the color streak of a rock or mineral
magnet testtells if there is iron in a rock or mineral
electricity testtells if there is metal in a rock or mineral

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