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Science Vocabulary - Lessons 21 - 40

Practice Science vocabulary words for Lessons 21 - 40, fifth grade.

atomthe smallest piece of an element that has the properties of that element
nucleusthe central core of an atom
elementmatter made of only one kind of atom
compoundmatter made of atoms of two or more elements
mixturea blend of elements, compounds, or both
crystalparticles packed together in a repeating order or pattern
melting pointthe temperature at which a solid becomes a liquid
evaporationthe change of a liquid into a gas at its surface
boiling pointthe temperature at which all of a liquid changes to a gas
freezing pointthe temperature at which a liquid becomes a solid
condensationthe process in which a gas changes to a liquid
tropospherethe layer of the atmosphere closest to Earth's surface
air pressurethe weight of the air pressing down on an area of Earth
barometeran instrument used to measure air pressure
thermometeran instrument used to measure temperature
windthe horizontal movement of air from one place to another
anemometeran instrument used to measure wind speed
wind vanean instrument used to show which way the wind is blowing
relative humiditythe amount of water vapor a volume of air is holding compared to the greatest amount it can hold at a given temperature
dew pointthe temperature at which water vapor condenses
precipitationmoisture returning to Earth from the atmosphere
foga stratus cloud close to the ground

Shelley Zoellick

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