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Cells and the Cell theory

Cell Wallsupports and protects the plant cell
cell membranecontrols movement of materials into and out of the cell
cytoplasm80% water, moves various materials throughout the cell
nucleuscontrol center of the cell, regulates cell activities
nucleolusplace where ribosomes are made
chromosomepassed on traits of the cell to new cells
endoplasmic reticulumtransport materials throughout the cell
ribosomeplace where proteins are made
mitochondriapowerhouse of the cell, food molecules broken down into energy called ATP
vacuolestores food, water, wastes , and other material
lysosomesbreaks down food, old cell parts, and cells that are dead
chloroplastcaptures energy in sunlight and produces glucose
van Leeuwenhoekdiscovered the microscope, first to see living cells
Hookefirst to use the term "cells"
SchleidenStudied plants - plants are made up of tiny units, or cells
Schwannstudied animal tissue - cells are the building blocks of plants and animals
VirchowStated that cells are produced only by other living things
Organismhighest level of organization in living things
organ systemgroup of organs that work together
organgroup of tissues that work together to perform a special function
tissuegroup of cells that work together to perform a specific function
cellthe basic unit of living things

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