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English 12

aesthetichaving to do with artistic beauty, artistic
augmentto make bigger, to add, to increase
austereunadorned, stern, forbidding, without excess
banalunorginal, ordinary
contemptreproachful disdain
complacentself stisfied, overly pleased with oneself, contented to a fault
derideto ridicule, to laugh at contemptously
deterto prevent to stop
depravityextreme wickedness or corruption
extoltp praise highly, to laud
expediteto speed up or ease the progress of
euphonypleasant sound
guileduplicity, artfulness
heresyany beliefe that is strongly opposed to established beliefs
infamousshamefully wicked, having an extremly bad reputation, disgraceful
insipiddull, bland,banal
laudto praise, to applaud, to extol, to celebrate
lucidclear, easy to understand
novelnew, original
prodigalwastefully extravagant
provocativeexciting, attracting attention
redundantunnecessarily repetitive, excessive, excessively wordy
repudiateto reject, to renounce, to disown, to have nothing to do with
superficielon the surface only, shallow, not through
scrutinizeto examine very carefully
squanderto waste
virulentextremely poisonous, malignant, full of hate

henrik woehlk

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