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LEGOS - Learn the more than 150 names of the pieces in the Team Challenge Kit! (RCX)

Dragon Wing
Arm Piece with Pin and 2 Fingers
Brick Black 1x2
Brick Green 1x2
Brick Yellow 1x2
Brick Black 1x4
Brick Black 2x2 Corner
Hinge Tile 1x2 with 2 fingers
Angle Connector Blue 1
Angle Connector Blue 2
Angle Connector Blue 6
Angle Connector Grey 5
Angle Plate 2x2 (also called bracket)
Arm Piece with pin
Axle 10 Stud
Axle 12 Stud
Axle 3 stud with end stud
Axle 4 Stud
Axle 5 Stud
Axle 6 Stud
Axle 8 Stud
Axle Joiner perpendicular
Axle Joiner Straight
Axle Joiner Perpendicular 3L grey
Axle Pin
Axle Technic 2 Stud with Notch
Axle Technic 3 Stud
Beam 1x11.5 Double Angle
Beam 1x3
Beam 1x4
Beam 1x4 with Boss
Beam 1x5
Beam 1x7
Beam 1x9 Angle (bent)
Beam L Angle 3x3
Beam L Angle 3x3 with oval
Black Wire 13m
Brick 2x2 Corner
Brick 2x2 Round
Brick 2x4
Brick 2x6
Brick 2x3 Green Round Curved Top
Brick 2x4 Green
Brick 2x8 Black
Brick Separator
Brick Technic 1x10 with 9 holes
Brick Technic 1x12 with 11 holes
Brick Technic 1x16 with 15 holes
Brick Technic 1x2 with 1 hole
Brick Technic 1x2 with 2 holes
Brick Technic 1x2 green with axlehole
Brick Technic 1x2 yellow with 1 hole
Brick Technic 1x4 with 3 holes
Brick Technic 1x6 with 5 holes
Brick Technic 1x8 with 7 holes
Brick Technic 1x4 green with 3 holes
Bushing Technic grey full
Bushing Technic grey half
Cone White 1x1
Cone Yellow 1x1
Connector Pole Reversal Handle
Connector Technic Cam
Connector Engine Crankshaft center
Connector Dark Grey Differential
Connector Steering Arm with connector
Connector Universal Joint
Gear 8 Tooth Timing Wheel
Gear 12 Tooth Bevel
Gear 16 Tooth
Gear 24 Tooth
Gear 24 Tooth Clutch
Gear 24 Tooth Crown
Gear 40 Tooth
Gear 8 Tooth
Gear Technic Gearbox
Gear Technic Rack 1x4
Gear Technic 1x8 with holes
Gear Worm Gear
Grab Jaw Black
Grab Jaw yellow
Hinge Plate 1x2 with 3 fingers
Grey Ribbed Hose
Purple Ribbed Hose
Teal (green) Ribbed Hose
Yellow Flexible Hose
Light 1x2 on side
Light Reflector 2x2 Round
Light Sensor - blue
9v Technic Motor
Pin - Technic Double Pin 3L
Pin - Technic Full Pin
Pin - Technic 3/4 Pin
Pin - Technic Half Pin
Pin - Long Pin with friction
Pin - Long Pin with stop bushing
Pin with friction and slots
Plate 1x1 Round white
Plate 1x2 with rail (motor)
Plate 1x1 Round blue
Plate 2x10
Plate 2x2 Blue
Plate 2x2 Blue Round
Plate 2x2 Green
Plate 2x2 Round White
Plate 2x8 Green
Plate 3x6 Green without Corners
Plate 1x10 grey
Plate 1x1 round
Plate 1x1 grey
Plate black 1x1 with horizontal clip
Plate Black 1x1 with vertical clip
Plate 1x4
Plate 1x8
Plate 1x6
Plate - 2x2 Corner Plate
Plate 2x2 with hole below
Plate 6x10 Grey
Plate Technic 2x4 with center holes
Plate Technic 2x6 with center holes
Plate Technic 2x8 with center holes
Plate Technic turntable 2x2
Plate Blue 1x2 slide (flat top)
Plate 1x3 yellow
Plate 2x4 Yellow
Pulley - Micromotor Pulley grey
RCX - Yellow
Round Dish 2x2 (slider)
Round Dish 4x4 Inverted
Rubber Belt black square
Rubber Belt Blue
Rubber Belt Yellow
Rubber Belt White
Slope Brick 33 green 3x2
Slope Brick 33 black 3x2 inverted
Slope Brick 1x2 Black
Slope Brick 2x1 Yellow Inverted
Tire - Balloon Medium
Tire - Large Motorcycle
Tire - Medium
Tire Small
Tire - TREAD (for track)
Tire - Tractor tire 17x13
Tire - Very small balloon
Tire - Wedge Belt tire
Touch Sensor 3x2 Brick
Transmitter - USB
Wheel - Large Motorcycle Hub
Wheel - Medium Hub 30.4 x 14
Wheel - Pulley (also for steering)
Wheel - Technic Sprocket (for track)
Wheel - Wedge Belt Wheel
Wheel - Yellow Hub
Wheel - Medium Hub with type 2 axle hole


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