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Place Value - Thousands to Thousandths

This game uses the standard and word forms of numbers from thousands to thousandths.

1.1one and one tenth
1.01one and one hundredth
1.001one and one thousandth
4.5four and five tenths
2.03two and three hundredths
7.008seven and eight thousandths
9.2nine and two tenths
5.03five and three hundredths
70.4seventy and four tenths
80.08eighty and eight hundredths
900.001nine hundred and one thousandth
100.009one hundred and nine thousandths
20.003twenty and three thousandths
60.6sixty and six tenths
600.6six hundred and six tenths
80.08eighty and eight hundredths
20.2twenty and two tenths
20.5twenty and five tenths
500.8five hundred and eight tenths
200.003two hundred and three thousandths
123.456one hundred twenty-three and four hundred fifty-six thousandths
1,111.001one thousand, one hundred eleven and one thousandth
4,001.104four thousand, one and one hundred four thousandths
4,044.01four thousand, forty-four and one hundredth
9,000.989nine thousand and nine hundred eighty-nine thousandths
18.18eighteen and eighteen hundredths
180.049one hundred eighty and forty-nine thousandths
9,000.123nine thousand and one hundred twenty-three thousandths
3,030.3three thousand, thirty and three tenths
1,220.02one thousand, two hundred twenty and two hundredths
37.739thirty-seven and seven hundred thirty-nine thousandths
88.18eighty-eight and eighteen hundredths
88.018eighty-eight and eighteen thousandths
18.088eighteen and eighty-eight thousandths
18.88eighteen and eighty-eight hundredths
209.03two hundred nine and three hundredths
2.2two and two tenths
3.3three and three tenths
4.4four and four tenths
5.5five and five tenths
6.6six and six tenths
7.7seven and seven tenths
8.8eight and eight tenths
9.9nine and nine tenths
12.12twelve and twelve hundredths
12.14twelve and fourteen hundredths
11.15eleven and fifteen hundredths
89.09eighty-nine and nine hundredths
7000.654seven thousand and six hundred fifty-four thousandths
566.655five hundred sixty-six and six hundred fifty-five thousandths

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